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Women’s land rights are still being ignored

16.10.2018 / Yesterday, October 15th, was the International Day of Rural Women, a day that celebrates the invaluable, yet often forgotten contribution of women to the families and economies of agrarian societies.

According to a study by the United Nations, women make up around 43% of the agricultural labour force, but as Human Rights Watch reports, their ownership of agricultural land is substantially lower than men’s. The NGO’s research in south east Asia and Africa reveals that governments are failing to enforce laws protecting women’s access to land and property, despite their essential role as providers of food, water, and care.

Just two days earlier, around 50 women’s rights organisations from all over Asia including farmer and worker unions gathered in a peaceful ceremony at Padang Galak Beach in Bali to protest a development project funded by the World Bank and supported by the IMF, which has been condemned as damaging to women’s land and worker rights.

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