All female board resigns from Vatican magazine to protest male control

All female board resigns from Vatican magazine to protest male control

26.03.19 / The founder and all-female editorial board of the Vatican monthly glossy “Women Church World” have resigned after what they say was a Vatican campaign to discredit them and put them “under the direct control of men.”

The magazine, launched in 2012 by history professor and journalist Lucetta Scaraffia, offers a voice for women by women, and tackles issues of interest to the entire Catholic Church. Published with the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, it has enjoyed editorial independence and has run a series of controversial stories, including the sexual abuse of nuns by priests and nuns working for free as servants for bishops.

But in an open letter to Pope Francis, Scaraffia said the 11 women felt they were being “reduced to silence.” L’Osservatore Romano, she claims, has been trying to delegitimise their voices by featuring women with opposing views, after a failed attempt to take over the magazine’s editor role.

Andrea Monda, who became editor of newspaper L’Osservatore Romano three months ago, denied the accusations.

Full story at AP News


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