“Wall of Moms” defends the people’s right to protest

Dozens of women formed a barrier to protect protesters from federal officers in Portland, Oregon (USA), over the weekend, chanting “Feds stay clear! Mums are here!”.

The “Wall of Moms” came together after the organiser Bev Barnum posted on Facebook a call for mothers to “do what we do best – protect people.”

After more than 50 days of Black Lives Matter protests, federal agents took to the streets of Portland earlier this month, against the wishes of the city’s own leadership. Tensions have been rising following reports of shocking displays of force against the demonstrators.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday that the presence of federal officers is “actually leading to more violence.”They are not wanted here, we have not asked them here, and in fact, we want them to leave,” Wheeler said.

The group of mums reportedly held their spot for hours until they were dispersed by tear gas and flash grenades. One of the women told Reuters: “We as a democracy – we need to stand up. I’m 60 years old. I probably shouldn’t be here in public, but this is beyond acceptable.”

Source: CBS News


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