India’s prime minister urged to ask men to share housework equally

A petition urging India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to “encourage all Indian men to do an equal share of housework” has gathered nearly 70,000 signatures. “Does the handle of a jhadu (broom) come printed with the words: ‘to be operated by women only’?” asks the appeal published on

Since the Coronavirus lockdown began the burden of housework has increased and largely falls on women, who are expected to compromise their jobs. The petition’s author, Subarna Ghosh, who runs a charity that campaigns for reproductive justice, started the appeal because she was tired of juggling the house chores with her work from home. She asks the prime minister “to address the issue in his next speech.”

According to an Oxfam report, Indian women and girls put in more than three billion hours of unpaid care work daily.

Source: BBC News


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