Afghan women allowed to include name on their children’s ID

Afghan mothers will be able to have their names printed on their children’s ID cards, after a successful campaign by women’s rights campaigners. 

Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani has officially signed into law the amendment that many women have long been pushing for. Previously, the law stated that only the father could be named on the identity documents, as using a woman’s name in public is considered ‘anti-Islamic’ by some. There have been reports of violence against women for using their name when collecting prescriptions, for instance. 

As well as being a positive step towards women’s rights, it will benefit mothers who are divorced or widowed and had no way of proving their relationship with their children. The #WhereIsMyName campaign began three years ago by Laleh Osmany, who wanted women to be able to claim their most basic human right.

Find out more: BBC News

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