Mumbai becomes the first city in India to have a gender-inclusive urban plan

Mumbai is the first Indian city to take into account women’s needs in its urban planning. 

According to a 2019 study, Mumbai is among the least inclusive and equitable cities in the world. Women activists have been campaigning to change this since 2013, demanding gender inclusion in the planning infrastructure. The city’s governing body has now added a “Gender, Special Groups and Social Equity” chapter to the urban development plan approved by the government in 2018.

“Our priority is to make Mumbai friendly and safe for women,” said Sangita Hasnale, the assistant municipal commissioner in planning. “Although the pandemic has slowed down a bit of the planning, it has also exposed how vulnerable women can be in the city after we saw many housewives and housemaids thrown out of their homes with nowhere to go.”

The revised urban plan aims to support women in the workforce, as well as addressing inclusion aspects in housing, education, transport, healthcare and safety in the overall infrastructure of the city.

Full story at The Times of India

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