Five women appointed as ministers in new Libyan government

Five women have been appointed to ministries in Libya as part of a UN-sponsored transitional government backed by the country’s parliament.

Najla Mangouch will be the first woman to hold the post of Foreign Minister since Libya’s independence in 1951. A professor of criminal law, she was a member of the National Transitional Council (NTC) that momentarily ruled Libya after its 2011 revolution. She has also represented Libya at the United States Institute of Peace, an independent institute founded by the US Congress to resolve international conflicts.

Mangouch will be joined by four other women in the Cabinet, including Halima Ibrahim Abderrahmane, a law graduate who has worked in the judiciary and in Libyan court, and who will hold the Justice Minister post. 

Mabrouka Tuffi Othman Aoki, the new Culture Minister, has a degree in economics and is very active in civil society. Wafaa Abou Bakr Muhammad Al-Kilani and Houria Khalifa Miloud al-Turma will respectively hold the posts of Social Affairs Minister and Women’s Affairs Minister.

Although new Prime Minister Abdulhamid Al-Dabaiba promised a 30 per cent quota for women in the government, they currently only represent 15 per cent of the posts.

In his speech in the house of representatives, however, Al-Dabaiba reaffirmed his support for women in politics.

Full story at The Africa Report

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