“This election is extremely important for women’s rights”

“This election is extremely important for women’s rights”

In the run-up to the most important election for generations, we ask women and girls from across the USA how they feel about the choice that lies ahead. 

Preeti Kulkarni, 15, student and activist from Maryland.

This election is extremely important for women’s rights. Considering the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court Justice,  I think a lot of bills like Roe v. Wade are pretty threatened. Depending on who wins, the trajectory of where we could go in terms of women’s rights, and especially the Equal Rights Amendment could change drastically and it could affect millions and millions of people. 

Climate change is another important issue. Although Joe Biden doesn’t necessarily agree with the Green New Deal, from what I’ve heard the Democrats would come up with a comprehensive plan that includes some aspects of it. A comprehensive plan on climate change is absolutely vital. The Republican Party hasn’t presented a plan. 

The economy is definitely going to be a key issue. Covid-19 is probably going to be the primary issue, especially seeing how the Trump administration have handled it. A lot of decisions are going to be based on the near future, like what can we do to fix Covid-19? What plans do both sides have? That’s going to be a huge factor. 

I think Donald Trump’s base plays into the violence that he’s creating. He wants to spark controversy because he doesn’t really have solid plans about a lot of the issues that most Americans are very concerned about. The only way to really gather the attention of the media and the public is to create controversy, and not addressing an issue as pressing as white supremacy and racial injustice in America, and blatantly just glossing over it is going to create a huge amount of press. It will be negative, but it will still be press. It  gives him a presence. 

The Black Lives Matter movement has brought a lot of awareness. It’s brought a lot of conversation.  I’m a huge believer in conversation and thinking for yourself as being the first step to any sort of activism. I feel like the Black Lives Matter movement, especially with all the protests, has sparked a conversation in every home, especially mine. And it’s a direct clash with Trump’s base, as we can quote from one incident where Donald Trump said that there are good people on both sides. I think this could really affect his chances, especially with a lot of moderate voters, because a lot of the moderate voters that I personally know are very pro-Black Lives Matter.  Because of these conversations, I think his base will dwindle. 

If he doesn’t accept the result, I don’t think the media and the public would take it very well, because there’s already a lot of talk about his maturity and his behaviour as a President and in office. In plain and simple terms, it will just make him look bad, and people will feel good that they may have voted him out.

I’m part of a youth organization that publishes articles, and I can understand where journalists are coming from when they’re trying to cover him. Although there are biases on both sides, I think the media has done their best to paint a neutral picture. That’s the best thing you can do in this situation.

Read more from Preeti Kulkarni at her website, preetikulkarni.com. Her first poetry book is out October 25th. 

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