Afghan women on the front line: On the street

Afghan women on the front line: On the street

“I am proud of us, that we 14 women have come with pens and papers protesting, and you come with cannons and guns to fight us.”

On August 15 2021, the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, making it the only country in the world that denies women basic human rights.

Since then, women and girls in Afghanistan do not have freedom of movement. They do not have the right to go to school or university. They do not have the right to choose their own clothes. They are imprisoned in their homes for the crime of being women.

And yet, they continue to fight.

Zahra Nader, editor-chief-of Zan Times, has been closely following the activists in Afghanistan who have mobilised in the face of the worst women’s rights crisis of our time. For the past few years, she has witnessed hundreds of women standing up to the Taliban in the face of severe repercussions, fighting for their rights on the streets and refusing to be silent.

‘Afghan women on the frontline’ is a two-part documentary series about these courageous women, produced by Zan Times with the support from the International Women’s Foundation, and published in partnership with Impact Newsletter and NADJA.

Here is part one – the compelling story of two women activists who are bravely challenging the Taliban’s regime.

Stay tuned for part two coming next week, which delves deep into how women are organising at home and using creative mediums like singing and theatre as a form of protest.


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