On this day in 1907, Finnish women voted for the first time

On this day in 1907, Finnish women voted for the first time

Photo: 13 of the 19 female MPs elected in 1907 / Helsinki City Museum / Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

On this day in 1907, women voted at the general election in Finland for the first time in the country’s history. The elections followed the 1906 Parliament Act which granted both men and women the right to vote and stand for election, making Finland the first European country with unrestricted suffrage for women. Only 19 women were elected, comprising less than 10% of the total members of parliament.

Also on 15 March

In 1729, Sister St Stanislas Hachard took her vows in New Orleans, making her America’s first official nun.

In 2021, Deb Haaland became the first Native American Cabinet secretary in US history when the Senate voted 51-40 to confirm the Democratic congresswoman to lead the Interior Department.

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